Anyways, I never heard from him for some time after that, until one day he wrote me again on facebook. Said that he had developed this tool that can crack instagram passwords, hack facebook password, etc. I was like cool, prove it John. So he sent me a link. My first thought was it looked a little cheesy but eh who am I to judge. So he told me what to do, and watched his tutorial video. Then I thought, I would love to hack my ex gfriends account… so I inputed her details in. Well, to my surprise, this time actually worked. I was floored… It gave the password, I logged in, and BAM. I was in. Just like that. I was overwelmed with this feeling of power, like I could see what anyone in the world is talking about right now. Theres nothing that can stop me. As you can see, a tool like this can get out of hand very fast. So, me being the curious guy I am, I decided to try a few more accounts. And sweet lord, every time I did it, it hacked it without any trouble. Crazy right?

So a long story short, there are tools out there that you can use, that will hack instagram passwords or hack facebook passwords. Its really not so hard after all, and a special Thank you to my buddy John for developing this tool and letting me use it before anyone else did. But for my readers out there, I have done you a favor too. I have inserted a link to the website and the tutorial on how to do this. Now he has done some changes, so be prepared to have to do some simple email submits and maybe a couple surveys to get your password information. He does this just help pay for the hosting, as it is expensive and for further development of his tool. But you will be pleasently surprised and you will get the information that you are looking for. Anyways, thats enough of my ranting for today. I hope you enjoy the free tool. And feel free to subsribe to my videos and get updates on new tools that he’s developing as we speak.


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